XT - Exchange Listing Announcement

Dear Community,

Auric Network (AUSCM) will be listed and available for trading on XT, a cryptocurrency exchange on 24 April 2021 at 3:00 pm (UTC+8). AUSCM will be paired with USDT (AUSCM/USDT).

A listing on a centralized exchange will garner the mass adoption of AUSCM, which references the market price of 1mg of gold, among individuals, SMBs, and Enterprises for utilization as base money; the four functions include a store of value, unit of account, medium of exchange, and standard of deferred payment.

This highly anticipated moment is a culmination of a very eventful year at Auric Network. We have experienced a myriad of notable achievements, including a successful smart-contract audit by Quantstamp, strategic technical integration of Chainlink price oracles across multiple layer-1 infrastructures, and a major update from our enterprise partner Bluebird Merchant Ventures (LSE listed company; Ticker: BMV). We are proud of the work that we have done over the last 6 months.

We are excited to share this listing announcement with you, our AUSCM (awesome) community, and transparently providing updates of our major developments has been an essential step to ensuring huge success in the development of our ecosystem.

About Auric Network

Auric Network (AUSCM) is a synthetic commodity money that is not dependent on the current world-based currency as the goal price or value. Instead, Auric relies on the centuries-old currency of all currencies, or store-of-value: .

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A Gold-Based Synthetic Commodity Money

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