Auric Network
Auric Ambassador Program, a community building initiative

We’re excited to announce the Auric Ambassador Program, a gateway for our AUSCM community members to contribute towards further expanding Auric’s reach and growth, and earn rewards for their efforts.

Many of you have shared your intellectual curiosity or comments (or memes) about the Auric Network — if you want…

Auric is a gold-based synthetic commodity money.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is subject to change

Updated: November, 9, 2020


Using bleeding-edge technology to bring the world back a couple centuries…


AURIC takes some of the most interesting aspects of tech innovation within the DeFi space to create an autonomous, adaptive, and decentralized digital asset/protocol.

Auric is…

Dear Auric Community,

We have put together a short explanation about the functionality of the rebase mechanism in order to alleviate concerns and clear up any confusion. Rest assured, no vulnerabilities were found in the rebase logic, which has been working as initially designed.

A rebase is triggered daily at…

Dear Community,

Auric Network was founded on the principles of equal opportunity, financial inclusion, and the democratic process, as a protocol for the USERS, directed and shaped by the USERS.

The protocol from inception made allowance for a decentralized governance framework to guide the growth of the project, however, like…

Dear Community,

Rebasing, when positive, is exciting as our default psychology desires increase and growth, but when the same mechanism triggers a process in the reverse, people will naturally get upset, stressed, and anxious. Even if this is essentially a means of preserving token value, our recent successive negative rebases…

Dear Community,

We delivered an update yesterday pertaining to our use cases in order to address your concerns about the incipient roadmap set forth by the founding team and to assure you that we are indeed working diligently to build the project as promised.

But for some, the notice may…

To our beloved community,

We would like to thank every member, supporter, stakeholder, and contributor of Auric Network for the amazing support that you have shown us so far. Our network is only as strong as our community and we are thrilled to be at the precipice of a major…

Auric Network

A Gold-Based Synthetic Commodity Money

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