Auric Ambassador Program, a community building initiative

We’re excited to announce the Auric Ambassador Program, a gateway for our AUSCM community members to contribute towards further expanding Auric’s reach and growth, and earn rewards for their efforts.

Many of you have shared your intellectual curiosity or comments (or memes) about the Auric Network — if you want to work with us in a more official capacity, here is your opportunity.

About the Ambassador Program

Anyone who claims to be a supporter of the Auric protocol is an ambassador and can get access to general information through our community channels; however, members who are looking for closer access to the team (and…

Auric is a gold-based synthetic commodity money.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is subject to change

Updated: November, 9, 2020


Using bleeding-edge technology to bring the world back a couple centuries…


AURIC takes some of the most interesting aspects of tech innovation within the DeFi space to create an autonomous, adaptive, and decentralized digital asset/protocol.

Auric is a synthetic commodity money that is not dependent on the current world based currency as the goal price or value. Instead, Auric relies on the centuries old currency of all currencies, or store-of-value: gold.

San Francisco, SF — 12 April, 2021 Auric Network, the rebasing cryptocurrency that references the market price of 1 mg of gold for utilization as base money, has announced a strategic integration of Chainlink, the industry’s leading decentralized oracle network. The integration involves Auric using a Chainlink XAU/USD Price Feed on the xDai blockchain as the decentralized price oracle mechanism used to rebase its AUSCM elastic supply token. …

This opinion has been contributed by one of our AUSCM community members.

People drink coffee like it’s water. Americans, in particular, consume about three cups of coffee every day per person and lead the world in coffee consumption. New Yorkers, in particular, drink 6.7 times the amount of coffee consumed by the average denizen of any other U.S. city. Your parents, your friends, your colleagues, nearly everyone including millennials and Gen Z call it their drink of choice. You’re probably drinking a cup right now as you read this.

Although there is considerable value in a cup of coffee, it…

“Growing pains”

Over the last three months, we have seen positive levels of buy pressure, price support, and supply expansion at a steady price regardless of the movement of the general crypto market. Although experimental, the logic of the current Staking Rewards Pool V2 has produced optimistic results, continuing to outperform ETH/BTC and the rest of the market. To be completely honest, we did not expect such a steep rise in demand from our ecosystem contributors as well as other market participants before we released more of the updates.

Our Logic

Through the V3 update of our staking pool, we hope to…

To the Auric Network Community:

The much-awaited migration from Staking Rewards Pool v2 (aka Gold Rush V2) to Staking Rewards Pool v3 (aka Gold Rush V3) is now live as of 2:00AM UTC 3/16/2021.

Gold Rush V2 liquidity providers will be able to migrate via the old UI hosted on the domain for 24 hours, until 2:00AM UTC 3/17/2021. All of the current UNISWAP LP tokens are eligible for migration, but any unmined AUSCMs must be harvested and UNSTAKED from Gold Rush V2 in order to fully migrate to Gold Rush V3.

Note: You do NOT need to remove…

First, we would like to thank every holder, supporter, and contributor to Auric Network, and we appreciate the amazing support that you have shown us and will continue to build as we have over the last few months.

Before we list off the bulk of our updates, we would like to address the immediate concern that was brought to our attention by the community.

Staking Pool Adjustment

Today the community flagged the sudden decrease of staking rewards proportionate to before today’s rebase (about 1/6th according to our math).

At 2:26 AM Wednesday UTC, we received the first reports of the staking pool rewards…

Dear Community,

Auric Network, our elastic, synthetic commodity money with full on-chain governance, will be listed and available for trading on Flybit, a cryptocurrency exchange on 25 February, 2021. AUSCM (awesome) will be paired with KRW (AUSCM/KRW) with trading to begin after 3pm KST.

Since inception, Auric’s tokens, AUSCMs, have been available for trading on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange. Paired with ETH, Auric has achieved a market capitalization of more than $1 million USD.

A listing on a fully regulated and licensed centralized exchange will take our project to new heights by garnering the mass adoption of AUSCMs among individuals…

From a number of strategic partnerships with the Mine Foundation and Bluebird Merchant Ventures, to working on the development and launch of the AUSCM (awesome) token, with an elastic supply derived from the market price of gold; Auric’s core team has positioned itself at the forefront of the DeFi revolution. As a community contributor or just a fan, we have an exciting and fulfilling year in store for you.

Since its inception, Auric has explored some of the most exciting technological innovations within the DeFi space. Founded upon three indelible pillars — adaptability, transparency, and decentralization — Auric is a…

To our holders and contributors,

Apologies for this lengthy update, but you don’t want to miss the details of the announcements below. Within the next week there will be a major release regarding one of AUSCM’s use cases (teaser: it involves actual gold ownership) and the cause of delay has been the team trying to find the right timing of release while the market has been at odds due to recent election activity.

We are asking our community to hold their AUSCMs and help this project reach its full potential.

Auric Network

A Gold-Based Synthetic Commodity Money

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